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About us

JEDVER is the brand of whole house lighting of Shenzhen Step Electronic and Lighting Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 2006 and has been rooted in Shenzhen for 17 years. It has been deeply involved in the intelligent manufacturing industry as the company's core competitiveness and takes product differentiation as a long-term solution for enterprise development.


Jedver has three strong r&d teams, more than 60 senior design and development engineers - including LED Driver, Smart Control Systems, LED Lighting. The three r&d teams have been Certified more than 100 patents and certificates for inventions, utility models and design. At present, we have reached an in-depth scientific research partnership with Tsinghua Research Institute in Shenzhen. In the future, we will increase efforts in the field of artificial intelligence, AI image computing power and image visual sensing technology to make the system safer and healthier.


The design of Jedver smart lighting system is carried out according to national and regional standards to ensure the expansion and expansibility of the system. Smart lighting products in the installation, debugging and maintenance of professional participation, which is also the bottleneck of the development of the industry, Jedver smart lighting system at the beginning of the design of safety and stability, simple installation, easy maintenance, beauty as a key consideration indicator, improve the response speed and maintenance cost.


Existing staff of more than 600 people, more than 60 senior designers. In order to better respond to market demand and serve the market, in terms of capacity assurance, Jedver has stepped up investment and construction of new production bases and introduced international advanced equipment and production lines. In 2022, Jedver has a self-built industrial park of 150,000 square meters in Dongguan, 28 automated production lines, 600+ workers, and the production system has been upgraded to Industry 4.0., and move towards intelligent convenience, easy use and humanization.


Full series of modular design, value-added for customer solutions. JEDVER, all products are blended in a modular design concept, simple to do brand is not a goal, the turnover in the face of the current update iteration before the technology of high-speed development should think more before the product updates iterative waste to reduce customer product solution for the customer value, the response to build green ecological management principle.


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Five levels of technical protection

Low Voltage

Short Circuit Protection

Avoiding Lightning Strike

Avoiding Overheating

Avoiding Overcurrent

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History development

3 R&D teams

Interviews will be conducted with the client, collecting all information as specifically as possible on what they want to achieve. With our expertise and experiences, we will offer the best to materialize the plan.

Our team 600+

Interviews will be conducted with the client, collecting all information as specifically as possible on what they want to achieve.

Plant 30,000m² +

Interviews will be conducted with the client, collecting all information as specifically as possible on what they want to achieve.

Quality capability

Brand Interpretation

G+D: Agile and honest, create a better future

Corporate vision

Jedver global leader in smart lighting; let the beauty of health live

Our Mission

Focus on technological innovation of smart and healthy lighting, create value for customers, and contribute to society; help employees realize their dreams

Core value

Customer-centered, craftsmanship quality, honesty and gratitude, cooperation and win-win; hardworking, innovative, clean and disciplined, high-efficiency collaboration

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