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Inteeco # Intergrated LED Driver Eco 36W

# Input 220-240V, 50/60Hz, output 6W/15W/24W/36W/48W/60W/90W (12/24V both).

# It has 4 output port (controllable by wired sensor) to connect LED lights, 1 socket to connect wired sensor, and 2 power supply port (uncontrollable) for extra use.

# CE, CCC certified.

# Fireproof, MM mark certified, approved to install on the surface of furniture and other wood products, and also appliances.

# Five protections (Low voltage, short-circuit, lightning, overheat, overcurrent).

# 17mm thin, fixed with screws or double-sided tape, easy to install and easy to hide in small places.

# Plug and play, easy to change controller and lights.

# Civil electricity is imported via a T5 A/C terminal, safe to connect, no electrician needed.

# Compatible with all Jedver wired controllers.

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Basic Parameters Product Image Application scenarios
Family No.ModelProduct nameInput voltageOutput voltageOutput powerPFDimensions
JD007JD007.03.V00136W Integrated LED Driver Eco220~240VAC12VDC36WPF≥0.9183*75.5*17
JD007JD007.04.V00136W Integrated LED Driver Eco220~240VAC24VDC36WPF≥0.9183*75.5*17