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How is the lighting effect of the wardrobe lamp?

Time:2021-05-19 Views:

The so-called demand there is a market. Wardrobe lights are becoming more and more popular in the custom home furnishing industry. Many people want to buy wardrobes with lights, but they don't understand the lighting effects of wardrobe lights.

The closet at home is often used for storing clothes, so the space inside the cabinet is large, but it is also accompanied by the dim lighting problem. Especially in the early morning or evening, it is more inconvenient to get clothes. So the wardrobe needs accent lighting.


Jedver's wardrobe lights are mainly based on clothing lights and linear lights. The linear lamp, as the name suggests, is shaped like a line, the light illuminates a wide area, and the lamp is small and exquisite and does not take up space. It is suitable for home cabinet lighting.


Take Jedver's embedded anti-glare profile lamp as an example. The slot size of this lamp is only 18 (width) * 8 (depth) mm, which can be perfectly integrated with the cabinet, plus anti-glare, creating a "see The visual effect of “light not seeing the light”. The light has strong illuminance and concentrated illumination range, which can provide sufficient light for each storage compartment.


With Jedver's intelligent control system, open the closet, the door sensor switch executes the command, the light gradually lights up, the clothes are clear at a glance, you can choose what you want to wear every day; when the door is closed, the light gradually goes out, so there is no need to worry about forgetting to turn off the light. The light illuminates the good mood every day.

 The wardrobe lamp can be said to be the soul of the wardrobe. It not only provides key lighting for the wardrobe, but also assigns value to the wardrobe, making the home life of contemporary people more comfortable.