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JEDVER & KBIS2024: Jedver Shines Again at the Las Vegas North America Show

Time:2024-02-29 Views:


At the 2024 KITCHEN & BATH INDUSTRY SHOW (KBIS) in Las Vegas, USA, Jedver drew widespread attention and acclaim in the industry with its innovative smart hostless lamp series. The new type of smart hostless lamp exhibited at the show not only operates stably and consumes low energy, but also can be intelligently adjusted according to user needs, giving users a new comfortable and energy-saving lighting experience.


In addition, Jedver also offers customized whole-house smart hostless lighting solutions, providing lighting solutions for various scenarios and needs. This display attracted many industry professionals who had in-depth conversations with Jedver and highly praised their products.

The success of the show provided Jedver with the opportunity to have in-depth exchanges with customers and partners from around the world, enabling them to better understand the trends and customer needs in the North American market, thereby providing valuable reference for the company's development and expansion.


Jedver will continue to focus on the research and development of smart lighting technology to meet the ever-changing market demands and the ever-increasing quality of life requirements of users, to provide users with a more intelligent, comfortable, and healthy lighting experience.