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Shining "Light" field | Jedver made a stunning appearance at the Middle East (Dubai) International L

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Shine "light" field!

From January 17th to 19th, Jedver made a stunning appearance

2023 Middle East (Dubai) International Lighting Exhibition

(Light Middle East)

Provide professional lighting solutions for global customers!

Let the light make the world beautiful!

闪耀“灯”场 | 捷德韦尔惊艳亮相中东(迪拜)国际照明展(Light Middle East)(图1)

▴LME·2023 Jedver Lighting Booth▴

Jedver focuses on smart and healthy lighting for 20 years

Take you to appreciate the grand occasion of the professional lighting exhibition!


Jedver wins the first battle

Accurate layout of overseas markets in the Middle East

The Middle East (Dubai) International City, Architectural and Commercial Lighting Exhibition is one of the largest and most authoritative professional exhibitions in the world's architectural lighting industry. This exhibition covers an area of 23,000 square meters, gathering 1,200 leading exhibiting brands in the industry, and attracting nearly 30,000 people to visit and consult on the spot. The huge flow and influence of the exhibition has promoted our communication with overseas customers and brought many business opportunities for Jedver to further develop the Gulf market.

闪耀“灯”场 | 捷德韦尔惊艳亮相中东(迪拜)国际照明展(Light Middle East)(图2)

This year's exhibition, Jedver's foreign trade partners made a stunning appearance with new product series. Aiming at the two major sectors of commercial exhibition hall lighting and home intelligent lighting, they exhibited a variety of superior products, and brought professional overall lighting to global merchants through a variety of scene lighting simulation experience experience. The solution has attracted a large number of overseas customers to consult and negotiate business, and successfully reached business cooperation.

闪耀“灯”场 | 捷德韦尔惊艳亮相中东(迪拜)国际照明展(Light Middle East)(图3)

▲Pictures of the exhibition site

闪耀“灯”场 | 捷德韦尔惊艳亮相中东(迪拜)国际照明展(Light Middle East)(图4)

▲Jedver Mr. Tang enthusiastically explained the products to customers

闪耀“灯”场 | 捷德韦尔惊艳亮相中东(迪拜)国际照明展(Light Middle East)(图5)

▲Jedver foreign trade department took a warm photo with customers


New strength

The whole house lighting intelligent control system leads the industry trend

Technology has changed life. As people's requirements for the living environment continue to increase, the importance of "light", an element of life, is also increasing. As a global space lighting driver, Jedver broke the barrier between cabinet lighting and whole house lighting for the first time, and realized the interconnection between cabinet lighting and whole house lighting.

闪耀“灯”场 | 捷德韦尔惊艳亮相中东(迪拜)国际照明展(Light Middle East)(图6)

At this exhibition, Jedver grandly launched the whole house lighting intelligent control system including intelligent LCD panel, intelligent key switch, intelligent control power supply and control box, as well as the free welding line, arbitrary cutting, plug and play The welding wire profile lamp series has been unanimously praised and praised by the industry and abroad.

闪耀“灯”场 | 捷德韦尔惊艳亮相中东(迪拜)国际照明展(Light Middle East)(图7)

Jedver Lingxi series intelligent control system adopts the BLE_MESH protocol to completely solve the technical bottleneck, with stronger stability, safety and penetration. Whether it is a large flat or a villa, it can realize one-key control of the whole house lighting, distance upgrade, and control The function is stable, making it possible for the whole house to collaborate synchronously.

闪耀“灯”场 | 捷德韦尔惊艳亮相中东(迪拜)国际照明展(Light Middle East)(图8)

Shine at the Middle East (Dubai) International Lighting Exhibition, and launch a new strategy for 2023 domestic and overseas markets! Jedver has been focusing on smart and healthy lighting for 20 years, and its products are exported to 156 countries. In the future, Jedver will continue to expand the lighting market at home and abroad, use the quality of export to make the Chinese own brand, and continue to highlight the glory of the Jedver brand and made in China!

闪耀“灯”场 | 捷德韦尔惊艳亮相中东(迪拜)国际照明展(Light Middle East)(图9)