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How to install cabinet lights at home beautifully

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Cabinet lights create an atmosphere called a must, but a lot of people really headaches home cabinet lights installed too ugly, not the cord clutter, the switch is too much, then it how beautiful home cabinet lights install it ?

 How to install cabinet lights at home beautifully

Cabinet lights are installed inside or outside the cabinet, and generally require wiring. In addition to the lamp line, there is also a power cord. When a set of cabinets is down, there are more wires; if it is a wall switch, the entire space will appear messy and unsatisfactory. . Therefore, many people ignore these details before installing the cabinet light, resulting in the unsatisfactory effect of the cabinet light after installation.


The Jedver cabinet lighting system can solve the above problems. Jedver's intelligent power supply and wireless intelligent control system are both modular in design, which can freely and flexibly realize lighting control in different scenarios. The wireless switch breaks through the limitations of the wall switch, and is integrated with the cabinet, which does not occupy space and does not require wiring, which is beautiful and practical.


One power supply plus a set of control system can control the multi-channel or single-channel lighting of a set of cabinets. Functions such as switching lights, adjusting brightness, switching color temperature, etc. can be realized, simple and efficient, without additional layout and wiring.


In addition, Jedver’s innovative wiring-free system fixes the power cord and lamp line behind the cabinet through the junction box, which is clear and orderly, and solves the pain points of the cabinet lighting industry’s wiring difficulties.


If you want to make the cabinet light layout in your home more beautiful, you can consider the Jedver cabinet lighting system. From the power supply to the control system to the lamps, it is a one-stop service, providing professional cabinet lighting and lighting system solutions.