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Do not stop for dreams|STEP Group

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Recalling the past and prosperous years, the future is still brave in the present. In this special and extraordinary 2020, STEP Group stands tall in the wind and rain, braving the wind and waves in adversity.


In order to thank the STEP family for their hard work over the past year, and at the same time respond to the national epidemic prevention and control call, on the afternoon of January 23, STEP Group launched the online live broadcast of the "2021 Annual Meeting" , a unique "Cloud Meeting" !


Four vigorous, youthful and energetic hosts made their debut, and the annual meeting ceremony kicked off with their enthusiastic opening remarks.

 Do not stop for dreams|Yuehong Group "Yun Annual Meeting" was a complete success

Mr. Wei Yongjun, Chairman of STEP Group, delivered a new year speech. He reviewed the development history of STEP Group in 2020 and summarized the performance and achievements of the two companies of Shenzhen Step Electronic and  lighting Co.,ltd and Shenzhen STEP Metal and Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd. At the same time, Mr Wei looked forward to 2021 and shared the future with the leaders and everyone in front of the screen. The three-year strategic plan has encouraged everyone to strengthen their confidence and work together to achieve the grand blueprint of STEP Group!


Time does not live, God pays for work. In 2020, under the leadership of president Wei and General Manager Liu, the STEP family will work together to break the waves, vigorously explore the domestic and foreign markets, establish partnerships with more than 60 domestic top brands in the home furnishing industry, and successfully sign three city partnerships , performance bucked the trend and increased to new highs.


In 2021, STEP's family is full of confidence, focusing on the strategic goals and central tasks planned by Wei Dong and Liu, striving to move forward and create greater glories!


President wei speech was inspiring, and the wonderful performances were expected. Energetic dances, eloquent recitations, warm and touching sign language, cheerful and melodious songs, humorous sketches ... The annual meeting was brilliant , with climaxes, continuous applause, and laughter commemorating the beautiful moment.


Exciting shows are still not enough and the exciting lottery is always exciting. Seven rounds of lottery, generous prizes, joy filled the smiling faces of people at home.


The vigorous development of STEP Group is inseparable from the hard work and sweat of the STEP family. In order to thank the outstanding employees with outstanding work performance in 2020, 74 outstanding STEP family members were awarded certificates of honor and bonuses at the annual meeting for encouragement.

 Do not stop for dreams|Yuehong Group "Yun Annual Meeting" was a complete success

Similarly, the outstanding performance of STEP Group is inseparable from the hard work of the marketing elites. At this special moment, Mr. Liu will lead all business elites to share wisdom, feel power from words, and get secrets from insights.

Do not stop for dreams|Yuehong Group "Yun Annual Meeting" was a complete success

Although 2020 will be a difficult year, in this year , STEP Group seeks to make progress steadily, and with a never-slack mental state and an indomitable attitude of striving to meet opportunities and challenges.

2021 , a new year, a new starting point, STEP is climbing to a higher peak with a magnificent posture!

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