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What is the effect of the built-in lamp belt in the wine cabinet ?

time:2021-06-23 source:Jedver views:138

The built-in light strip is one of the most commonly used cabinet lamps to decorate the wine cabinet today. However, for those who are trying for the first time, how the effect of the built-in light strip is still a problem worth discussing.Then let's take a look with this question.

As the saying goes,a worker must first sharpen his tools if he wants to do his job well! In order to understand the decorative effect of the light strips inside the wine cabinet, it is necessary to know the style and type of the light strips and the installation position first to understand its effect better.The so-called cabinet lamp strip, as its name implies, is a built-in cabinet light strip.This kind of cabinet lamp strip is usually installed in the top, bottom and side of the cabinet to decorative and auxiliary lighting effect on the wine in the cabinet.

As we all know, there are several main points in the design of the light strip inside the wine cabinet.First, aesthetic: light design should have the function of decorating space, setting off atmosphere and beautifying environment.As much as possible to meet the needs of wine display, different wines need different colors to provide a comfortable, prominent and vivid display space for wine.Second, appropriate lightning color matching: match the lighting color reasonably according to the color and type of wine.Third, the appropriate angle of illumination: the wine body does not need a wide range of light, which is the key to all body light design.Fourth, the design art: should make full use of the selected lighting fixtures to reflect the space and hierarchy of the whole wine cabinet, as well as the three-dimensional sense of wine and other decorations.

With this in mind, you can install the light strip as you like and want.Based on these points, the design of the light strip inside the wine cabinet can absolutely show the charm of the wine cabinet, and the effect is self-evident!

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