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What color should be used for jewelry showcase lights ?

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Believe that everyone who has ever bought jewelry has the same feeling, that is why jewelry looks so beautiful in the shop and fades when they come home.And this is the effect of jewelry display cabinet lighting. Here tell you what color should be used for jewelry display cabinet lighting? What is the effect?

Jewelry, including many materials, such as gold, silver, diamonds, pearls and other materials. So what color of jewelry display lighting are needed to decorate these jewelry?

First, for gold jewelry, more attention is paid to the direction of light illumination, select 2900-3200K warm white jewelry display light to install, so that the light and the lights on the ceiling of the shopping mall form a cross-light source.The refractive effect achieved in this way can improve the color and purity of the gold, thus stimulating the desire of customers to buy.

Second, silver ornaments.As one of the carriers of traditional handicraft, silver decoration is undoubtedly a work of art, not only a display of folk customs but also a reflection of culture.Therefore, choose to install 12000-15000K cool white jewelry display lighting, the bluish light can not only highlight the craftsmanship of silver jewelry, but also show its convergence and simplicity of the human nature.

Third, diamonds.As you know, a perfect diamond jewelry is about purity and cutting, while a jewelry display lighting with 8000-9000K closer to natural light can present the color and unique cutting charm of the diamond.Under the light, diamonds shine with people's eyes.

Fourth, pearls. Pearls have always been an indispensable jewelry material, and their gloss can be said to be their soul.Therefore, it is most appropriate to choose a jewelry display lamp with a positive white color of 6000-6500k. Under such a light, the pearls emit rich rainbow light, which is absolutely eye-catching.

Finally, no matter what kind of jewelry, using the appropriate jewelry display light to illuminate it will have unexpected effects.

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