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How to install lamps inside the cabinet?

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Cabinets can be said to be one of the most common furniture in our daily life. Its excellent storage function makes people like it. However, there is a disadvantage of using the cabinet, that is, the cabinet will appear dim because of the lack of light.Therefore, people think of installing cabinet lights to provide lighting, so what’s the best way to install lights inside the cabinet? Let's discuss it together!

 The first step to installing cabinet lighting, is to choose the appropriate style and color of cabinet lighting according to the size of the cabinet, the style of home and the place where the lights are used. For example, the cabinet pendant lights, cabinet operation lights, cabinet built-in lights used in the kitchen, and so on, and when you choose these cabinet lighting for installation, you also need their main size. After all, the location where the cabinet lights are installed is inside the cabinet, so you can't lose space to store things after the cabinet lights are installed.

The second step to install cabinet lighting is to choose the appropriate installation method for each type of cabinet. For example, reserve the lamp slot in advance, punch holes in the back of the cabinet, or install it by placing lights on the front of the cabinet. Pay attention to tidy up the cabinet lamp line so that its exposed surface does not affect the overall appearance of the cabinet.

Especially important is to cut off the power supply before installing cabinet lighting, and avoid installing cabinet lighting in areas such as heat sources, direct sunlight, significant temperature changes, etc.Cabinet lights are best mounted on non-flammable objects to avoid accidents.

Cabinet lighting can be designed to be adjustable, whether bright or dim, they can be adjusted by themselves, making daily life more comfortable and convenient. And the light effect needs to conform to the furniture style, try to avoid the color difference of the lighting.

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